by Mary C. on Jun 15, 2015... I started working with Jackie in January of this year. Due to the illness of a family member, I had been limited to a month of daily time spent in a hospital room and then housebound for another two months. As a result, I had lost much of my physical capabilities. I decided the best way to quickly recover was to try a personal trainer which I had never experienced before. Jackie was recommended to me and she was the perfect fit! I am in my early 70's and in pretty good health but Jackie helped me realize that I could be in better shape than even I had expected or imagined. I get bored easily when exercising but she keeps me interested and motivated with great variety and continual encouragement. I have had to leave her for the summer as we have returned north to RI for several months. But the minute I return to Savannah I will be calling Jackie to resume our fun and mentally and physically positive sessions. (I now think of Jackie as a good friend as well as a great trainer) I am trying to get my husband to give her a try as he is in great shape but could use some additional flexibility for his golf game. I strongly recommend Jackie for anyone interested in improving their physical and mental health. Get yourself back in shape!

by Kenneth B. on Jun 12, 2015... I started working with Jackie in February of 2015. In 3 short months she helped me reach my goals of losing 15# and gaining strength. I know I couldn't have done that without her help.

by Jane N. on Jun 11, 2015 I highly recommend Jackie. I'm 70, recovering from an illness, and was not in good shape. I was preparing for an adventure vacation and was afraid I'd be too weak to enjoy it. With 3 months of 3 times weekly training with Jackie, I'm in better shape than I was when I graduated from high school when I was an athlete! For example, when we began, I couldn't do a single push up. After 3 months, I did 25 in a minute! All other strength, balance, and cardio measurements improved by similar measures. I love working with Jackie. Not just because I made such remarkable progress but because she made it seem so easy. She didn't push me beyond my limits and had a cheerful way of encouraging me to do more. I strongly recommend her for fitness training!

by Jane L. on Jun 06, 2015... I would like to recommend Jackie as a personal trainer. We started working together in August of 2014. During that time, she helped me to meet my goals of weight loss and body fat reduction. When we began, my dress size was a 16. I can now wear a size 12 comfortably. Most importantly though, are the changes to my personal fitness. I could not do any push-ups or sit-ups and my cardiovascular health was non-existent. Strength was also very poor. My best skill was balance, but it too was weak. I have increased in strength, balance, and perhaps most importantly, cardio. Jackie employs a very wide range of exercises and activities, specifically designed to help meet your personal goals. There is no chance for boredom working with her! She is patient and kind and does not "forcefully" push you, but encourages with a gentle persuasion. I love working with Jackie and her quiet confidence and support of my ability encourage me to excel. Of you are looking for a personal trainer, Jackie is excellent! Check out her credentials. If you know anything at all about fitness, her credentials will impress you. If you're not sure, Google the Cooper Institiute! That should do it! Happy Training, Jane